VIDEOS Teen Mom 2 S2 E3 After Show and bonus footage break down

We’re just a few days from the holiday weekend and it’s a Wednesday so that means it’s time once again for our weekly break down of the Teen Mom 2 After Show and bonus footage.

This week we have a tearful Leah trying to explain how she copes with Ali’s medical conditions, Kailyn stating that she’s learned how not to be a mom from her own mother, Jenelle and what made her press charges against Delp and Chelsea explaining why she chose to have surgery on a day when Adam and not her father could help.

Here’s the full After Show:


With Jenelle its back to the saga of the #delper with Kieffer Delp. Jenelle talks about Delp getting physical with her and pressing charges. Jenelle says she isn’t afraid of him but that she doesn’t like him putting his hands on her. The kicking of her car door set her over the edge and sent her straight to the courthouse to press charges. She says she knows that Kieffer would never hit her in the face or anything but that he needed to be taught a lesson.


Kailyn talks about moving into her new digs. She really likes having her own place and not bouncing around from home to home or friend’s houses or the Riveras. Kailyn explains that she felt as if her mother would just kick her out if she told her before hand about her moving out so she waited until the deal went down. During the episode Kailyn’s mom tells her that she’s had it made and Kailyn reacted by stating:

“I really just wanted to punch her in the face when she said that. I had what made? I was uncomfortable living there. Your boyfriend wants to control everything. I come home to guys smoking in the house watching my son while I was in night school. I had it made?”

Kailyn reveals that she’s reached a place where she’s done trying to have any kind of relationship with her mom. She’s just been burned too many times and she feels like the relationship will never be repaired. In conclusion Kailyn states that she’s learned by example how not to be a mom from her mother. Ouch.


Chelsea launches into her getting out of her major surgery and subsequently getting into it with Adam. She’s asked why she made the decision to have the surgery on a day when her dad couldn’t be present and she states that she believed Adam would be able to provide the assistance she needed. Chelsea, Chelsea, Chlesea… Chelsea admitted that she wanted to give Adam a chance to step up and help her and Chelsea’s opinion was that he didn’t do a very good job.

Chelsea doesn’t trust Adam with Aubree alone overnight stating that she’s the one who does it “right.” This especially becomes true if and when he gets his own place. For an example she says that whenever Aubree cries Adam just hands her over and doesn’t handle the sitch like an adult. Chelsea didn’t find anything about Adam calling Aubree a “little bastard” amusing.

The crowd laughs a little when Chelsea points out that the father of her child called her child a bastard, which by definition means, “A person born of parents not married to each other.”


Leah discusses how she copes with Ali’s medical condition and situation. She tears up and really doesn’t know how to explain how she gets through it. She says it kills her to see Ali go through all of it as a mom. Leah talks about Corey expressing his emotions when he is shown crying during the episode. Leah’s position is that she feels as if Corey finally understands what she constantly goes through.

I have a young daughter and the scenes with Ali just rip me up. My respect for Leah and the way in which she’s coping with this and being strong for Ali can’t be understated.

If you’re familiar with these After Shows you know that there is a select crowd of young mothers who share their experiences as they relate to the topics being discussed. One of these audience members becomes extremely emotional as she reveals that her 2-year-old isn’t talking yet and how her situation is similar to Leah’s. Her pain is palpable as she expresses her fear that her son will never be able to communicate well and that she has to guess when he needs something. He struggles through 6 days a week of therapy. I believe there’s a natural strength and fortitude that mother’s have. It’s the only reasonable conclusion I can make from my own personal experiences.

For this week’s bonus footage we have an extremely tense Leah Messer and Corey Simms as they wait for daughter Ali’s MRI brain scan and then discuss the anticipation of the results.

See you next time!