Downton Abbey Season 5 photo features a plastic water bottle

Downton Abbey Season 5 plastic bottle photo - click to enlarge

Hit British period drama Downton Abbey released a brand new batch of promotional photos for the show’s upcoming fifth season, but one picture of the Earl of Grantham and Lady Edith transformed the famous estate into Photobombton Abbey as a plastic water bottle can clearly be seen on the mantle. (Click the photo above to enlarge)

Here’s a zoomed-in view in which the bottle can be seen more clearly.

Downton Abbey plastic water bottle photo

In case you were curious, Downton Abbey Season 5 is reportedly set in 1924. According to Wikipedia (yes, I know, Wikipedia), the plastic bottle was first used commercially in 1947, and I can all but guarantee the first plastic bottles looked nothing like the one in the photo above. 🙂

We reached out to The Dowager Countess Lady Grantham and she offered this response to the abhorrent debacle:

Lady Grantham plastic bottle photo quote

The Downton Abbey plastic bottle photo is making the rounds online and I thought I’d be one of the first to jump on board the inevitable meme with some Photoshopped versions of the image featuring some other blasts from the future “subtly” hidden in the background (and even in the foreground). Just click to enlarge!

Downton Abbey Season 5 Billy Bass

Downton Abbey Season 5 Earl of Grantham Kanye glasses

Downton Abbey Season 5 Obama Hope poster

Downton Abbey Season 5 box set

Downton Abbey Season 5 Earl of Grantham wearing Pharrell's hat

Downton Abbey Season 5 Lady Edith Crawley tribal tattoo

Downton Abbey Season 5 is scheduled to premiere in the US in January, 2015 after being shown in the UK starting this fall.

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