Whether in a strip club or church, faith is what guides Farrah Abraham


Farrah Abraham has her own molded line of sex toys, she’s filmed a pornographic film with a professional and sold the video for profit, she’s written erotic novels and she’s currently stripping at a club in Austin, Texas. The former Teen Mom star is also a professed Christian and sees no contradictions between her faith – which guides her life – and her career choices.

In an article shared today via Christian Post, Farrah explained how she lets God lead her to be “the best Farrah she can be.”

Abraham said, “No matter where I am, whether it’s in a gentlemen’s club or church, I know my faith is what guides me.”

When the 23-year-old mother to daughter Sophia was pressed about her various adult industry job opportunities, Farrah explained:

“Many would look at what I do and feel as though there is a conflict. If you know what faith is, and you truly try to understand the examples of God in the Bible and learn and reflect on them, just know I didn’t pick what I’m doing nor did I share the full details of how I got to be where I am, as you may judge in black and white from the outside. I let God lead my life and faith—enough said.”

Abraham, who is in the process of writing a Christian parenting book, went on to credit her faith for how gifted her daughter is and how it allows her to always feel loved:

“Faith is number one in my heart and mind. Without this, I would not be the best parent I could be, and my daughter would not be as gifted as she is. I can’t say enough and be thankful enough. Faith allows me to feel balanced, grow endlessly, and always feel loved.”

In other Abraham news, Farrah is set to do the first live performance of her song “Blowin” Saturday night at Pomona, California’s 340 Night Club.

Photo: Keek / Farrah Abraham

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