SISTER WIVES Does Janelle Brown plan to date after separating from Kody?

In a new interview ahead of the premiere of Sister Wives, Janelle Brown spills the tea on whether or not she plans to date following her separation from Kody.

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Sister Wives

Sister Wives is a TLC reality program gearing up for season 18, and the show is getting more attention than ever before. 

Originally based on the plural marriages between Kody Brown and his 4 wives: Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn, the family has since disbanded and now only Kody and Robyn consider themselves married.

The new season, which premieres August 20, 2023, will follow the disbanding of the family, which started with Christine Brown leaving and moving back to their home state of Utah. She is now engaged to fiancé David Woolley

Janelle and Kody Brown

Janelle is Kody Brown’s second wife and came into the family in 1993. Their marriage lasted for nearly 30 years, until Janelle decided to leave.

Janelle Brown was always the most independent of the wives, appreciating plural marriage for the space and freedom it allows the women. Considered the “working woman” in the family, Janelle was often one of the main breadwinners, while fellow Sister Wives star Christine Brown raised a majority of the younger children.

In the explosive trailer for season 18 of Sister Wives, tensions are rising between Kody and Janelle. A fight is highlighted in which Kody storms out after Janelle declares “f*ck off!”

Does Janelle plan to date after Kody?

In a new interview with People Magazine, Janelle and Christine Brown have sat down to explain their relationship status’ before the upcoming season.

Christine asks Janelle if she is single and “ready to mingle,” to which Janelle quickly replies that she has no intention to date any time soon.

No. No no no no no. No dating. Maybe in 10 years. We’ll see. I would actually consider plural marriage because I really do love the freedom and the independence that it gave me. And I think it was a good fit for me. I don’t even know what it would be like to be married in a monogamous relationship. If that’s what works out, great. So I’m open to plural marriage, but I don’t know if there’s really a lot of men who can actually pull it off.

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