Watch Online MTV’s “Teen Mom” complete episode 6 “Standing Up”

Teen Mom title screen

It’s Wednesday and that means… Teen Mom full episode! Did you miss last night’s episode or just want to watch all the mama drama again? That’s what we’re here for!

NOTE – There seem to be some issues with the embedded version of the video this time around – CLICK HERE for the MTV popout player. The video will open in a new window and to change the size of the video, just adjust the window.

A “brief” recap of Teen Mom Episode 6 “Standing Up:” Amber struggles with receiving financial support from Gary and needing to put Leah in daycare. Ryan continues to prove Newton’s First Law: “An object at rest tends to remain at rest.” Meanwhile Maci seems to get bad advice from a relationship counselor that I think has a crush on Ryan. Farrah silences the haters by doing a number of unselfish things including taking Sophia to the library and talking to her estranged sister. Tyler and Catelynn continue to amaze with their ability to deal with an incomprehensibly bizarre situation at home as (let’s see if I can get this right) Tyler’s dad Butch gets in a fight with Catelynn’s mom and comes to stay with his ex-wife (Tyler’s mom). Also, Butch goes to court to see if he can avoid prison after violating his parole.

I just finished a post o Tyler’s dad Butch detailing his criminal history complete with a mugshot! CLICK HERE to check that out.

Here are links to the other episodes, but note that MTV can be pretty sporadic about putting up videos and taking them down:

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