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The original drama mamas are back! MTV has just released the preview trailer for the new season of Teen Mom OG with a glimpse at what we can expect to see from Maci, Amber, Catelynn and Farrah! Plus, we finally have a premiere date!

Here’s the video followed by a brief synopsis of what to expect from each of the “Original Girls” when Teen Mom OG returns on Monday, January 4 at 10/9c on MTV:

Whoa!! Farrah is OFF THE CHAIN y’all! OK, on with some predictions on what to expect from each of the moms:

Teen Mom OG Maci Bookout


Fans will get to see Maci and Taylor prepare for their first child together, Bentley’s little sister Jayde Carter. I assume the pressure on Taylor to propose will continue to rise leading up to Jayde’s birth, which happened back on May 30. Also, Maci released her book Bulletproof, so we will more than likely see behind-the-scenes footage of that process and the resulting publicity tour.

Perhaps the biggest question about the new season remains unanswered by the trailer, however. Will Bentley be back? (In case you missed it, midway through last season, when MTV producers told Maci that Farrah was coming back, she threatened to quit the show. She later agreed to continue filming, but refused to allow MTV to film Bentley because she didn’t want him on the same show as Farrah.) There was no Bentley in the preview trailer. 🙁

Teen Mom OG Farrah Abraham official photo


There is no such thing as a “brief synopsis” when it comes to any segment of Farrah’s life, and the past year is certainly no exception! Fans can expect to see her split from, and then reconciliation with, boyfriend Simon Saran. As we’ve mentioned previously, Farrah has drastically reduced the price on her Austin, Texas home, which would suggest she is contemplating relocating. We speculate that she plans to move to San Diego where Simon currently resides. (UPDATE — Farrah’s house is now available to rent for $3,950 a month — further indication of Farrah being extremely motivated to relocate)

Oh, and I feel very confident that we will see Farrah discussing her plans to adopt a child!

With the fourth wall demolished, I assume Farrah’s stint on the UK’s Celebrity Big Brother (and her post-show brawl) will be featured to some degree. And there are her multiple appearances on Botched, as well as the botched lip implant procedure that caused her to seek out Paul and Terry’s help. Farrah and her mom Debra Danielsen also reportedly had more sessions with Couples Therapy‘s Dr. Jenn, so that footage might be used.

Farrah has numerous business ventures, and I can’t imagine we won’t see a lot of the Teen Momtrepreneur hard at work on those. There’s her line of “Mom and Me” beauty products, and her adult webcam website Farrah’s Friends Live, which launched in October. Oh, and there was a time when you could purchase vials of Farrah’s DNA and wear it as jewelry. (That time has since passed after the company offering the service got tired of Farrah talking about her sex toys all the time.) Oh yeah, there’s Farrah’s line of sex toys and her blow-up doll!

Plus, there’s Farrah’s sister Ashley Danielsen, who is reportedly not speaking to Farrah or their mother Debra. It is unknown whether Ashley’s most recent pregnancy and the birth of her son Axl will be addressed on Teen Mom OG.

I don’t envy the Teen Mom OG editors when it comes to paring down what Farrah stuff to show and what not to show! Like her or not, you have to admit that most all of the things listed above would be entertaining as hell to see!

Teen Mom OG Catelynn Lowell official photo


The upcoming Teen Mom OG season will be a HUGE one for the only couple from either Teen Mom OG or Teen Mom 2 to stay together after the birth of their first child, Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra. In addition to welcoming their daughter Novalee Reign, Catelynn and Tyler FINALLY walk down the aisle in a beautiful wedding ceremony, which MTV was there to capture. (In the trailer it is implied that Catelynn is struggling with postpartum depression, so that is sure to be emotional.) Also, Tyler’s dad Butch Baltierra gets out of prison, and appears to be doing really well!

Teen Mom OG Amber Portwood


Amber Portwood and fiance Matt Baier have been relatively quiet for months — at least online. Amber has lost weight, which I am guessing will be addressed on the show, and there was that crazy rumor she was running a drug ring, but otherwise, we don’t know much about what has been going on in their personal lives.

The same cannot be said for Amber’s ex, Gary Shirley! In April, Gary bought a new house and welcomed a daughter with his new love, Kristina Anderson. Then, in September, Gary and Kristina got married! I don’t know about you, but i can’t wait to see Amber’s reactions to all of that!

The new season of Teen Mom OG (aka Teen Mom Season 6) premieres Monday, January 4 at 10/9c on MTV.

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