Was Big Giant Swords canceled?

Big Giant Swords canceled 3

The Big Giant Swords canceled question has fans fretting: Has the Discovery channel’s cult favorite gotten the big giant ax? (Sorry–couldn’t resist!) Irish Mike continues his metallurgical exploits on an assortment of social media outlets, but fans of his reality TV show are positively clamoring for news about BGS. Especially since the network doesn’t air any of six episodes run all that often: we shared a Big Giant Swords update several months ago, and noted that, back then, the show didn’t come up at all on Discovery’s schedule.

That’s still true today–and, unfortunately, it looks like things will stay that way for the foreseeable future. Discovery is keeping Big Giant Swords in limbo: it hasn’t made an official announcement about a cancelation, but neither has the network said that it intends to renew the show.

While that news is disappointing, it’s still very easy indeed for fans to keep up with Irish Mike and his fiery ways. Mike hardly ever updates his Facebook timeline–the last post was June 19th, 2015–but he shares photographic exploits on the regular, and often gives detailed breakdowns about new projects as they come into existence. And his YouTube following continues to grow: in the three months since we checked in with Mike, he’s added over 80,000 followers, and now has nearly 300,000.

His most recent update is a monster: an hour-long, super-detailed, super-silly chronicle of The Rod Of Asclepius build. You can, to use Mike’s terminology, “get into Wikipedia free-fall” and look up the greater symbolic relevance of Asclepius and his rod (it really does sound wrong), or you can settle in with a beverage and a snack and enjoy what basically amounts to a homemade Big Giant Swords episode from Mike himself! Enjoy:

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(Photo credits: Big Giant Swords canceled via Facebook)

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