Wahlburgers Season 5 preview: Where is the family going next?

Wahlburgers Season 5 1

The Wahlburgers Season 5 preview is here! A&E has just released a slew of new clips for the Wahlburgers Season 5 premiere at the same time that the family is celebrating its newest restaurant–and getting ready to open several dozen more!

What can we expect from Wahlburgers Season 5? If the trio of new clips the network has just released are any indication, fans should look forward to a whole lot more family ribbing, celebrity cameos, and aggressive expansion than ever before. Among those celebrities? Well, there’s Diddy, and Dale Earnheart Jr., and…Pope Francis? Take a look for yourself!

In addition to that, here’s a specific trailer for the first episode of Wahlburgers Season 5, in which the brothers can’t help but give Alma a hard time about who her favorite son really is:

Of course, Alma’s not going to let a little family squabble get her down. It looks like we’ll be seeing plenty more of her this season–when she can take a break from her party bus, that is:

PARTY BUS! Get down with Alma and a new season of #Wahlburgers, Wednesday, March 9th at 9/8c on A&E.

Posted by Wahlburgers on A&E on Tuesday, March 1, 2016

As for those plans for aggressive expansion? Just a few weeks ago, the Wahlbergs opened their seventh location, in Orlando FL. (The flagship restaurant is–obviously–in Massachusetts; the family also has locations in New York and Toronto.) According to a new report from Restaurant News, the family will open three more burger joints over the next few months, in Las Vegas, Philadelphia, and Boston’s Logan Airport. Beyond that, a total of 30 more locations are planned for the coming year, “in several major metro markets in Massachusetts, California, Georgia, Michigan, Ohio, North Carolina and South Carolina.” And, “over the next several years,” the family plans to open a whopping 118 Wahlburgers stores!

That’s a lot of burgers–and a lot more episodes. For right now, you can catch the Wahlburgers Season 5 premiere Wednesday, March 9th, at 9 Pm EST on A&E.


(Photo credits: Wahlburgers Season 5 via A&E)

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