VIDEOS Teen Mom S3 E1 After Show and bonus footage

Season 3 of Teen Mom hit the ground running with the already legendary “is Kyle slow” question, Farrah’s breast augmentation, Catelynn and Tyler apartment-hunting and Amber and Gary seeking a life coach to help with their relationship issues.

MTV is continuing the tradition of airing an after show online that features the Teen Moms (minus Amber who was in rehab during the taping), young mothers as a live and participating audience and host SuChin Pak. Here’s the clip followed by a summary of what each had to say about the particulars of episode one:


First off I want to comment on how seasoned these girls are in front of the cameras and giving interviews. It’s something you notice immediately when Maci begins speaking. These three are old pros at this by now. Maci discusses reconciling with Kyle and makes the following self-confidant statement, “He came to his senses and realized what he was missing and came back and I basically told him basically this is your last chance, if you do it again you’re gone.” She then goes on to brag about her perfect lover calling him her best friend, emphasizing how helpful he is with Bentley as opposed to baby-daddy Ryan. The girls in the audience agree that Kyle is good for Maci and Bookout says that he hogs Bentley from her and that when the two boys get together they forget she’s there. It was a very sweet and flattering comment.

That was enough of the Kyle love because they just had to talk about Ryan and the first adjective Maci uses when she talks about Bentley’s father is “moron!” Pak asks about the issue of child support and the fact that Ryan was holding up his end of the deal. This discussion goes to the audience where Maci gives out some advice on how to get assistance with setting up payments. Maci wondered if Ryan would sleep better at night after talking trash about Kyle and then she discusses the fact that Ryan will always be in her and Bentley’s life.


Farrah opens up by talking about her healed relationship with her mother and how counseling helped her deal with anger and depression and that lead to her return to her parents. This opens up a chat about how having a baby effects your relationship with your parents. Farrah, Catelynn and Maci all state how important that counseling has personally been for them during the discussion. That’s it, nothing about the breast augmentation at all, come on SuChin do your job! Maybe they’re saving that for a later after show or at least I hope so.


Catelynn discusses how once again her home life had become unsettled and that she was pretty much forced to look for a place to live and she explains that it’s always been that way for her. Catelynn understood Tyler’s mom and her opposition to the two wanting to live together. Catelynn then explains that her mother has come around a lot and has been openly apologetic for not being there for her when she was young. Surprisingly Catelynn explains that she and her mother never discuss the show. You get a full grasp of how quickly Catelynn had to grow up and how much alcohol abuse effected their family.

In addition to the after show MTV has provided a clip of bonus footage. Here is the video that features Gary updating his brother’s girlfriend on his relationship with Amber.