VIDEOS Domestic abuse confessions on Dr. Phil lands Oklahoma man in jail


In November, 25-year-old Timothy Cruz opened up to Dr. Phil about how he had punched, choked and kicked his girlfriend, Brittany Roberts. When the episode entitled Broken Bones, Broken Hearts, Broken Engagements reaired Monday, it provided local authorities the opportunity they needed to arrest the man and charge him with 7 counts of domestic abuse.

Roberts and Cruz had a child together and after the episode originally aired the Oklahoma Department of Human Services took the couple’s daughter, Khali, into custody because many of the attacks described had occurred in the little girl’s presence.

Roberts didn’t seek assistance from authorities until May and they started building their case against Cruz. After the showing on Monday, officers set up Brittany on a phone conversation with Cruz in which he affirmed that everything he had said on Dr. Phil was true. He was immediately arrested.

Here’s a clip from the episode in which Dr. Phil reads off a list of life threatening things that Cruz admits he’d done to Roberts:

• He punched Brittany in the face, kicked her and gave her a concussion.

• He admitted to choking her until her body went limp

• After punching Brittany in the face and causing her nose to bleed, Cruz became enraged by the fact that her blood was messing up the floor.

• When their daughter was a baby, he held the child while choking Brittany as a form of control

• When Brittany was 7-weeks-pregnant, she says that Cruz sat on her stomach. At 9 weeks and 2 days, she lost that child. Tim didn’t take responsibility for the miscarriage. During her 2nd pregnancy Brittany said that Tim dragged her and banged her head on the floor.

Oddly enough, Dr. Phil had his production team do a glimpse into Tim’s future in which an actor portrays the now arrested man being questioned about the fictitious murder of Brittany.

Roberts has created a website to help raise money to get the custody of her child back. She wrote in part:

“Anything will help. Please help me get my baby back! She is so innocent and I can’t stand to see her only one hour a week. I can tell that she is also hurting when she has to leave me. It breaks my heart. All I want is my daughter back.”

Dr. Phil offered Tim professional help at the time as long as he promised to stay away from Brittany. The host said, “I will not enable you to kill this woman.”

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