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We have the preview clips for tonight’s dramatic new episode of Teen Mom 2, and it is ALL ABOUT BRIANA! In addition to Briana DeJesus’ budding romance with Kailyn Lowry’s ex Javi Marroquiin, Briana begins to bond with co-star Jenelle Eason over their mutual aversion to co-star drama.

WARNING! Videos may autostart in some browsers (Damn you MTV!) so you may want to scroll down and pause them.

In the first clip, we see a very nervous and very sweaty Javi visiting Briana and her daughter Stella in Briana’s hotel room. Javi pushes Briana on taking their relationship further, but Briana seems a bit hesitant given the fact that he lives in Delaware and she lives in Florida:

After sweaty Javi removes his jacket, he lets Briana know “There’s a lot of kinks we gotta talk about.”

“What do you mean?” Briana asks.

“Well, first of all, we gotta hang out more!”

Briana points out that he is “all the way in Delaware” before asking him “how does that even work?”

Javi counters that it is just a two-hour flight, and he pitches the idea of coming down on weekends.

Briana seems skeptical and emphasizes that they should just take things day by day, adding that there is “no rush.”

Javi reluctantly concurs, then insists that he does want to take Briana out on a date.

“Oh Javi,” she replies. “Don’t start something you can’t finish.”

“I just don’t want no issues,” Briana adds. “That’s my main concern: I don’t want no issues with nobody.”

Next up, we see Kail expressing her frustration over having to be in the same room with Javi, Briana, and Jenelle:

Kail is having her hair and makeup done when Briana enters the area. Kail’s friend Bone is there with Kail’s newborn son Lux, and Kail wants them to have somewhere to go — but unfortunately, the only other option appears to be a single room where all the other cast members are hanging out. Kail leaves her makeup chair and heads to the hallway to talke with producer Larry Musik.

“Larry, why is there not a separate space for Bone and the baby to go? ”

“Because there is,” Larry responds. “Down on the fourth floor.

“But that’s like with everybody,” Kail points out, “he doesn’t have his vaccinations.” Kail adds that she doesn’t want to be around Javi, Briana, and Jenelle and Larry weakly assures her that would not be the case, before then looking for a space that Lux can be in away from the others.

After Larry gives Kail a tour of a crowded storage room with an overturned couch that he says could be cleared out, Kail seems exasperated. “I was told that I was going to be separate from everyone. I don’t like Briana, I don’t like Jenelle — I don’t want to be around them.”

In the last clip, we see Briana and Jenelle chilling in between filming as Jenelle asks newbie Briana how things are going:

Briana tells Jenelle that her day was going OK, but says it was “awkward.”

“Yeah,” Jenelle agrees,” days like this, I mean, it gets awkward because there’s all sorts of vibes going on.

Briana expresses her frustration at all the drama and states that she feels as though everyone is old enough to just talk it through and get over it.

“That’s what I mean,” Jenelle says as her husband David Eason hands her a cup of coffee, “everyone should just get along and be a group together, but everyone makes their own cliques.”

Briana then talks about how annoying it is when there are certain people she can and can’t be on stage with, etc.

“This has been going on for years, before you were even on the show,” Jenelle says. “I tell David it’s like Mean Girls, like every f**king time.”

Jenelle Eason Briana DeJesus Mean Girls quote meme

Jenelle offered up a potential solution on Twitter after the preview clips were posted: a Brianelle spin-off!

“Pbri&jenelle take over the world,” Briana replied. She later deleted the tweet.

It looks like Briana is in for a looooooong season! (And of course, with all the drama surrounding David Eason, we all know Jenelle is too.) MTV also released a preview trailer for the season in which Kail, Leah, and Chelsea express concerns with producers about their safety because they have to film with Briana and Jenelle. I assume this was after David’s infamous balloon stabbing scene, which will reportedly be show in the next couple of episodes.

Lawdy lawd! The new episode of Teen Mom 2 airs tonight at 9/8c on MTV!

Asa Hawks is a writer and editor for Starcasm.

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