VIDEOS Beyonce performs “Run the World (Girls)” on Oprah’s farewell show

Beyonce erforms Run the World (Girls) on Oprah's Farewell Show at the United Center

Oprah Winfrey held her last show “Farewell Extravaganza” at the United Center in Chicago last night with a roster of guest star appearances that included Tom Hanks, Madonna, Dave Chappelle, Tyler Perry, Tom Cruise and Halle Berry. But perhaps the most anticipated appearance of the night, and by most accounts the one that drew the most applause when she came out (aside from Oprah herself), was Beyonce, who performed her new single “Run the World (Girls)” wearing a sexy black and white tuxedo leotard.

Here are a couple audience recordings of the performance. The first one has better visuals as it was recorded up close and personal, but the second one has better sound and features Oprah gettin’ in the groove – although it is a lot shorter.

Perhaps the only more amazing than Beyonce in the view of the United Center in that second video! WOW! Oprah should do a Farewell Tour across the country – that’s a spectacle I would pay big money to see!

It should be noted that according to Luis Arroyave’s in-depth coverage of the event for his Chicago Tribune column “About Last Night,” Beyonce actually performed the song twice because of what he speculated to be issues with the cameras. Mmmmmmmmm… Beyonce doubleshot.

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