PHOTOS Jersey Shore’s Deena Cortese as a naked man?

Deena Cortese wears a Michelangelo's David apron on the streets of Florence Italy

The hi jinx continues in Tuscany as the feisty fun-lovin guys and gals of Jersey Shore continue filming season 4 of their reality series on location in Florence, Italy. Up until now our focus has been on the intimidating attire and proportions of JWoww, but newest cast member Deena Nicole Cortese steps into the spotlight today for her eye-popping proportions courtesy to the King of Proportions himself, Michelangelo!

(CLICK IMAGES for Deena’s uncensored lesson in Anatomy and Art History!)

That’s right Deena Nicole transformed herself into “David” Nicole thanks to a novelty apron featuring a photo of the world’s most famous statue in all of its masculine glory. The result was a Jerseyfied Crying Game moment for onlookers as Peena strutted her his stuff up and down the streets of Florence.

Jersey Shore's Deena Cortese in a David apron on the streets of Italy

I’d like to think part of what inspired Deena’s full frontal fashion statement was our Jersey Shore/”David” mash up from months ago when it was first announced the crew would be headed to Italy. CLICK HERE to see what can only be described as “The Statuation.” (As a bonus you will also get to see the “Snooki Lisa!”

Photos: Prahl/Macca/Sinky Splash News