VIDEO Where’s Waldo impersonators brawl with hecklers at a train station

Where's Waldo

Where’s Waldo? impersonators certainly stood out at a United Kingdom train station when they got into an all-out brawl with a group of hecklers.

The incident was captured by security cameras at a Manchester train station in March 2013. In it, the Waldos — who were out for a bachelor party — are having a bit of fun on the moving sidewalks when an argument with soccer fans on the opposing moving sidewalk is ignited. Some cross-sidewalk shoving occurs as the groups pass each other by… Then the soccer fans turn and run against the direction of their sidewalk to continue the brawl on unmoving ground. It gets really intense when one of the guy comes running at the Waldos with a crutch.

Where's Waldo Brawl

Although the video was filmed more than a year and a half ago, it was just released this weekend in conjunction with the end of the criminal trial.

According to The Mirror, all four of the soccer fans pleaded guilty to affray, which is apparently equivalent to disturbing the peace. The ringleader defended himself in court by saying he drank a “gallon of ale” before the fight. Nonetheless, he was handed the harshest sentenced of six months in prison and a handful of other penalties. Only one of the Waldos was found guilty of affray.

Fun fact: Where’s Waldo? is actually known as Where’s Wally in the U.K., where it was created by British illustrator Martin Handford. Waldo is known by a variety of other names — including Fodhouli, Jonas and Charlie — depending on where the book is published.

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