VIDEO UPS driver steals iPad delivered by FedEx driver


Tis the season for random viral video thefts and so it was for Mr. Al Alverson from deep in the heart of Texas.

Al had come home expecting the delivery of an iPad mini he had purchased as a Christmas gift for his daughter. When he discovered it was not there, he went to his surveillance footage and got a shock when he discovered why. It turns out that a UPS delivery dude who had brought a separate package had stolen the iPad mini that was delivered by a FedEx delivery dude earlier in the day. This IS NOT logistics my friends.

Alverson got on the horn to get some UPS justice but got the serious holiday runaround. He then decided to do a little YouTube vigilante justice and posted the above clip of the crime! Wouldn’t you know, shortly after the footage got noticed and started making the rounds UPS was all about helping out.

UPS stated that the driver in question was a seasonal hire and he was terminated immediately and subsequently charged with theft. In the spirit of forgiving, Al decided not to press charges once he received what was rightfully his.

Tip of the hat to Al for being giving to his daughter and forgiving to the driver who tried to take away some of her holiday joy.

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