Florida woman says crack pipe hidden in vajayjay isn’t hers


A Florida woman had a rather strange explanation for the crack pipe she had stowed away in her vagina.

23-year-old Tiffany Flores was arrested on Monday afternoon following a traffic stop in Fellsmere, Florida. Via records obtained by TSG, Flores made a pretty bad attempt at tossing a bag of cocaine out of the car she was a passenger in. She eventually confessed to owning the coke which was laying “directly beside the passenger door frame.”

When Flores got to the county jail she said she couldn’t go through the scanners because she was pregnant. After a pregnancy test came up negative, she was processed through a scanner where police noticed a foreign object located inside of her.

Flores removed the crack pipe but attempted to explain that it was her friend’s paraphernalia and she was just holding it for her. She said the driver of the car tossed the pipe in her lap after cops started following them and asked her to hide it. A request she was willing to grant apparently.

Flores was charged with introducing contraband into a facility in addition to drug possession and tampering with evidence counts.

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