Fast food chain introduces edible wrappers

Fast food chain's edible wrappers

Have you ever been so hungry that unwrapping your burger would just be entirely too time consuming? Well, you’re in luck. A fast food chain in Brazil called Bob’s has just created edible wrappers which will shed precious seconds off the time it takes customers to get their burgers off their trays and into their mouths.

While Bob’s doesn’t explain how their paper-looking wrappers are made, there are currently several companies worldwide who are experimenting with wrappers made from food particles from chocolate, dried fruit, nuts and mushroom roots, and other things. Yum?

In addition to saving time, these new edible wrappers also help cut down on the amount of waste that is being sent to landfills. So it’s pretty much a win-win situation. Or is it?

The idea seems to make some sense, but we can’t help but notice that everyone (including the restaurant employees) are touching these wrappers with their bare hands which means tons of germs. And isn’t that the point of a wrapper? If they are going to make them edible but still be treating them as if they aren’t, why not just get rid of wrappers entirely? Just a thought.

What do you think of this idea? Would you eat a burger wrapped in an edible wrapper?

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