VIDEO: The best of Mariah Carey’s HSN lounge fest

Mariah Carey has figured out the most productive way to spend the remainder of her pregnancy in a way that doctors would consider healthy for little Cannon ball.  As she nears her due date it’s best that the diva relax and keep her feet elevated so she headed on down to the Home Shopping Network and kicked her feet up on the set couch for about 6 hours selling everything in sight while repeatedly reminding random hosts that she’s preggers!

Some people are just born with an inherent sense of how to maximize their time and potential.  Could there possibly be a better way for a pregnant woman to rake in the bank than lounging around selling shoes, perfumes and even Ring Pop necklaces?  I encourage you to make like Mariah and put those barking dogs up on your desk and enjoy the following glorious highlight reel of Mariah’s HSN “delicate condition” sell-a-thon.

I love the part at the end where Mariah remains lounged while the host walks through the mist of Mariah perfume.

I’ve got to give it to the multi-octave reaching platinum gal. She knows how to maximize her time.  Since she went through all that intensive pre-labor labor the least I can do is provide a link to her HSN goodies if you’re interested.

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