VIDEO Teen will not be charged after punch results in fellow student’s death


A Council Bluffs, Iowa student will not face charges after a punch he landed in his school’s commons area resulted in the death of a fellow student.

16-year-old Gregary Teer was cleared of any wrongdoing in the death of 17-year-old Dakota Escritt, according to Pottawattamie County Attorney Matt Wilber. Surveillance video was shown during the press conference that revealed an escalating conflict between Teer and Escritt.

The fight took place last Thursday and Escritt died Saturday from blunt force injury to the head caused by the fracturing of his skull when his head hit the floor following Teer’s blow.

Footage reveals a confrontation starting in the cafeteria in which words were exchanged by a few people. Escritt was wearing ear buds and did not hear most of these exchanges, according to WOWT. At a certain point Teer and a friend left the cafeteria and Escritt followed them.

Wilber said Escritt pushed Teer on a flight of stairs. As they moved down the steps and into the commons area, Escritt pushed Teer 3 times before the latter pushed back and then swung one punch knocking Escritt to the floor.

Wilber said, “Dakota clearly went off in pursuit.” He acknowledged that there were differing stories given about what happened but it was felt that the video provided definitive proof that Teer was exercising his right to defend himself. “That complicated matters for us but in the end the video tells the story… In Iowa you are entitled to use reasonable force to defend yourself. This is not a case of deadly force being used,” Wilber added.

After the press conference Teer said, “I feel terrible about everything that happened. I want to apologize to Dakota’s family and my family for everything I have put them through. I feel really, really bad… I didn’t mean for any of this to happen.”

Some students had stated that what transpired was a result of bullying but Wilber, School District officials and the police all concluded this was not the case.

Classes will be dismissed early Friday so that any students who wish to can attend Escritt’s funeral.

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