George Zimmerman released, ordered to give up guns, served divorce papers in jail

George Zimmerman released on $9,000 bond after domestic disput with girlfrind Samantha Scheibe

It appears as though George Zimmerman is being separated from two things that were once very dear to him: his guns and his wife.

The 30-year-old Zimmerman, who shot and killed teen Trayvon Martin in February of 2012, appeared before a judge today after being arrested yesterday for a domestic dispute with his girlfriend Samantha Scheibe, during which he reportedly pointed a shotgun at her face. During the hearing the judge granted Zimmerman $9,000 bond, but the bond came with certain stipulations attached, including that he will have to give up his guns — all of them.

Here are all the conditions of George Zimmerman’s release:

1. He must stay 1,500 feet away from his girlfriend Samantha Scheibe at all times, and have absolutely NO contact with her.

2. He must relinquish possession of his firearms (including the shotgun he allegedly pointed at Scheibe)

3. He can’t leave the State of Florida

4. He must wear a monitoring device to track his location

Zimmerman’s attorney asked that his client not be charged for his monitoring bracelet (which is usually the way it works) because Zimmerman is too poor to afford it. The judge waived the cost.

The prosecutor also brought up a separate incident during the hearing that reportedly took place last week in which Zimmerman allegedly choked Samantha Scheibe and then threatened to kill himself. (That incident had not been reported to authorities.)

And here’s the full video from the hearing:

With Zimmerman’s arrest making national headlines yesterday, pretty much the whole world knew he was back behind bars — including his estranged wife Shellie Zimmerman, who seized the opportunity to finally serve him with divorce papers! According to TMZ, “Shellie Zimmerman’s lawyer, Kelly B. Sims tells us … with the help of the jailers, they were able to serve George in a solitary cell last night at the Seminole County Jail.”

Shellie originally filed for divorce on September 5, but had been having a hard time actually serving George until his arrest yesterday made it impossible for him to elude her any longer.

I assume George Zimmerman is on suicide watch as he waits to post his bond.

Zimmerman put up the $9,000 bond and was released just hours after the hearing.

Is there a such thing as a “suicide watch” for folks not in custody?

By the way, did anyone else notice the serious side eye the officer in the back is giving George Zimmerman in the photo?

George Zimmerman court hearing side eye

That’s a great “Caption This” picture if I’ve ever seen one!

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