VIDEO Tamra Barney is ‘nasty’ and a ‘liar’ say her OC co-stars

Tamra Barney

Part two of The Real Housewives of Orange County Reunion brought along some serious name calling between cast members. While it’s no surprise to see Tamra and Lizzie bump heads after struggling to make a connection all season, it was Vicki, Tamra’s BFF, who surprised everyone when she “took the gloves off” and called Tamra a liar to her face!

When the topic of Vicki’s on-again/off-again boyfriend Brooks came up, Tamra asked Vicki, “What do you want me to do, lie?”

Vicki swung back saying, “Well, you do it all the time, so why wouldn’t you?!”

Ouch! Take a look to see the confrontation go down.

Later during the reunion, Tamra and Lizzie got into it, yet again, when Tamra told Lizzie, “Shut up! God! Just go sit over there!”

Lizzie was clearly hurt and responded by saying, “Why don’t you go sit over there? You’re so nasty!’

Tamra later explained she wasn’t proud of her actions throughout this difficult season.

“I know that this year was probably my worst year on RHOC and I apologize to my fans for letting them down. I am not proud of my behavior and I have learned a lot from what has happened,” she admitted. “I started the season at a very bad time in my life (something I have not spoken of publicly) and contemplated not returning to Season 9, now I wish I had taken a step back and dealt with my issues as needed.”

Despite the name calling, it appears Tamra and Vicki are still on good terms! “I want the best for her and don’t want us to be fighting,” Vicki wrote in her blog.

The relationship, or lack there of, between Tamra and Lizzie seems unrepairable. Tamra said simply, “I do not see a friendship with Lizzie happening in the near future.”

Now that Season 9 is in the books, the Housewives can focus on what’s most important: family.

Tamra recently announced she is going to be grandma to a baby GIRL! That’s right. Tamra’s son Ryan Vieth and fiancée Sarah Rodriquez are expecting their first daughter on February 14.

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