RHOC star Lynne Curtin’s daughters, Alexa and Raquel Curtin, pursuing adult entertainment careers

Lynne Curtin Daughters Now

Former Real Housewives of Orange County star Lynne Curtin regularly clashed with teen daughters Alexa and Raquel Curtin during their two seasons on the Bravo show — and it seems nothing has changed in the years since: Both girls are ruffling their mother’s feathers with careers in adult entertainment.

Oldest daughter Raquel, now 23, has collected quite the following as a Suicide Girl. The popular website (think Playboy for tattoo lovers), features nude and semi-nude professional shots of Raquel.

Raquel Curtin - Suttin Suicide

Although she uses pseudonym “Suttin Suicide,” Raquel posted tributes to her recognizable mom on Instagram. She joined the Suicide Girls website in 2013 and began her own webcam show in January 2014 to “pay the bills.”

Considering mom Lynne’s done her own scandalous shots, it’s likely hard for her to criticize Raquel’s foray into adult modeling. More troubling is 22-year-old daughter Alexa Curtin’s career in adult videos, where she goes under the name “Jayden Taylors.”

“When I found out that Alexa was involved in porn I became physically ill. I had no idea. Alexa kept telling me that she was a lingerie model and even sent me pictures from the set in scantily clad lingerie,” Lynne told National Enquirer this week. “But it wasn’t until a few weeks ago I found out that she starred in several pornographic movies.”

Alexa Curtin - Jayden Taylors - RHOC

Lynne said Alexa’s assured her she wants to parlay the XXX movies into a mainstream acting career.

“Alexa told me that she’s no longer doing porn and only made a few minor movies last year to get enough money to get her boobs and nose fixed,” Lynne said. “She thought she could make a few movies under an assumed name, get her nose and boobs redone, and nobody would ever recognize her. She was wrong. She now realizes this will follow her for the rest of her life thanks to the Internet.” (And Mommy Dearest’s national interview.)

Either way, Lynne — who’s been plagued with her own financial problems since the show — said she’ll support her daughters “no matter what.”

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