PHOTOS Brooks Ayers deleted medical pictures surface plus his chemo bill revealed

Brooks Ayers

Even though season 10 of The Real Housewives of Orange County has come and gone, people are still talking about Brooks Ayers’ #CancerGate.

This time, new and compelling evidence has emerged that indicates the reality star is being deceptive about his illness. Tell me something I don’t already know…

The Real Mr. Housewife revealed a photo Brooks posted, then quickly deleted, back in October. The picture shows Ayers in some sort of medical facility with a nurse or care taker by his side, a needle in his arm, and a monitor close by. He captioned the photo, “Let’s do this! #staystrong #staypositive #stayhumble.”

Brooks Ayers Delete Tweet

While Brooks didn’t specifically say this was a chemotherapy treatment, the implication is evident. The only problem? The picture doesn’t appear to show a chemotherapy treatment but rather a blood donation.

It’s easy to see the nearly identical similarity between Brooks’ needle photo on the left and the image from Wikipedia describing blood donation on the right.

Brooks vs Blood

In fact, a simple Google search of “blood donation needle” reveals tons of pictures that look just like Brooks’. Could this be the reason he deleted the photo?

Another key part of the picture is the blue apparatus connected to the blood cord. This is called a DonorCare Needle Guard and, according to their website, “is a simple, effective needle guard for use in whole blood collection procedures.”

In his most recent interview, Brooks says he undergoes blood work every 90 days. While it’s plausible this picture was taken during one of those blood work sessions, using this photo as proof he’s undergoing treatment for cancer is unconvincing.

And finally, in an attempt to silence critics, Brooks showed his medical bills during an interview with E!

Brooks Proof of Cancer Medical Bills

The reporter held up one of the bills, and you can clearly see “City of Hope” at the top followed by line items of various cancer-fighting drugs.

A Reddit sleuth ccerulean took a screen shot of the bill and compared it to a Google search of “chemotherapy bill”. Interestingly, Brooks’ medical bill is nearly the same as the #1 image search result. The drugs, the dosage, even the cost of Brooks’ bill match the chemo bill found online.

Reddit Brooks Cancer Bill

Brooks finally showed his medical records, something all the ladies of the OC having been asking for, and people are still skeptical.

It just goes to show Brooks is one of those rare reality TV characters, much like Danielle Staub or Spencer Pratt, who demonstrates the right mix of shadiness and smugness that keeps people angry and interested.

What do you think about Brooks’ medical photos and chemo bill? Is this finally the proof people have been asking for or did it just raise more speculation?