PHOTOS – New Jersey Shore castmate Deena Nicole Cortese

True Jersey Girl Deena Nicole Cortese joins Jersey Shore cast

Snookie, Jwoww, and Sammi Sweetheart have a new guidette to give them a run for their spray-tanned money.

Deena Nicoel Cortese has been filming with the infamous Jersey Shore cast for Season 3 at the real Jersey Shore. Jersey Shore Season 2 premieres this Thursday @ 10 p.m. EST, and features the crew (including the now ousted Angelina Pivarnick) taking Miami by storm. Friday August 6, 2010 MTV casting director Doron Ofir confirmed that Deena Nicole was going to be on the show saying: “Deena Cortese embodies the quintessential Jersey Shore archetype. She is a Jersey native, proud to live, play, love at the shore. I hope America loves her as much as I do… get ready for “Rockstar”!”

Reportedly this 23-year-old authentic New Jersey guidette was pals with Snooki, who helped her get on the show, but her MySpace alone should have sealed the deal for her. It’s littered with pics of her downing alcohol, pretending to kiss girls and lick boobs, and striking guidette poses interspersed with descriptive phrases like “I’m addictive and expensive like cocaine,” and “Love all the motherf*ckers who hate you. They’re your biggest fans.”

Deena has been seen doing a beer bong with Snooki and partying with Jwoww. Her mom Joann is optimistic about her daughter being on the show, telling Radaronline “I think she’s going to be good party friends with these guys!”

Joann also said Deena doesn’t have a boyfriend, so that means she free to smoosh as many guys as she wants at The Shore without have to worry about stressful phone calls on the Duck Phone.