PHOTOS Pauly D celebrates his birthday with family at an amusement park

Pauly D celebrates his birthday at an amusement park on the Jersey Shore

Yesterday (July 5) was Pauly D’s birthday and the Jersey Shore star celebrated it Jersey shore style – by riding rides at an amusement park with his family!

Though he is technically 31 now, little Paul DelVecchio looked all of 12 as he rode a couple different roller coasters and took his turn on a colorful inflatable slide – occasionally with his mom right there beside him.

Pauly D rides a roller coaster with his mom to celebrate his 31st birthday

These photos made me realize how much fun it would be to go to an amusement park with Pauly D, which then got me wondering which of the Jersey Shore cast I wouldn’t want to go to an amusement park with – and the list was pretty short! (It’s kind of built into the concept of the show that these are some fun=loving folks!) I have to confess that I would be a little worried going with Ronnie, if only because he might have a couple beers to many and get upset at the dorky guy working the ring toss and start a riot. (But, even that would be sort of fun!)

Before I get to the rest of Paulypalooza, I thought I’d see what you all thought with a poll! Who would you most like to go to an amusement park with? (I even cut you some slack and set it so you can vote for two! You can actually vote again after an hour but I’m not sure this one is important enough to try to stuff the ballot box on.)

OK, back to the fun…

Jersey Shore's Pauly D rides a roller coaster with his family to celebrate his birthday

PAuly D on an inflatable slide while celebrating his birthday July 5 2011

DJ Pauly D of Jersey Shore has a blast riding a roller coaster on his birthday