VIDEO Snooki uses kitty litter as an exfoliant

Snooki at the MTV Europe Music Awards 2011

Ladies and manscapers around the globe have pined for the answer as to how Jersey Shore’s Snooki maintains her quasi-orange sheen about her lovely countenance. We know about the T in GTL but apparently it’s a product made for pussycat poop that really does the trick.

It is almost guaranteed that when a guido or guidette hits the stage for Conan that the world will be provided some unforgettable nugget. Snooki proved just that Wednesday night in the following clip:

Snooki explained how your little furry friend’s toilet pebbles does the deed:

“It’s got exfoliates, they’ve got rocks in there. It makes your skin really smooth.”

Conan the Hilarian pointed out all the chemicals that are likely to be included into an average scoop of Fresh Step but Snooki dismissed that science, “I haven’t broken out yet!” She further explained that she came across this method by Googling it.

Later Conan and his sidekick Andy were introduced to Snooki’s “Snookify Me” app where you too can look all Snookified and they gave it a shot. Here is both Conan and Andy after applying the “Snookify Me” program to their likenesses:

Conan and Andy use the Snookify Me app
Conan O’Brien and Andy Richter use “Snookify Me” app

As Andy noted, he carried the boobs better. Hey Cuddleboots, get out of your crapper. Daddy needs to exfoliate!

Top Photo: Lia Toby/

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