VIDEO Shania Twain falls hard at CMT Awards, films response

Shania shines at the 2011 CMT awards

After virtually disappearing from the face of the Earth (but always remaining in my sweet dreams) country mega-star Shania Twain is back in the news in big ways. We previously reported that she has signed on to launch a 2-year long live stand in Vegas at Caesar’s Palace. She also made a rare appearance at last night’s CMT awards in which the Canadian crooner took quite a tumble.

First off here’s a quick clip of the very hard fall that Shania took. There’s a good chance that this will be removed from YouTube before too long but I’ll give it a shot anyways:

In preparation of the clip being taken down I pulled the best screen caps I could from the low quality video. Here they are:

Shania Twain falls during live CMT Awards

While high heels may cause her body to fall down it’s darn near impossible to keep Shania Twain’s spirits down. She posted a light-hearted video in response to the now infamous tumble. She explains that the shoes she was wearing caused the whoops and that she would auction them off to charity. Here’s the great clip from the woman who lays claim to the best selling album by a female artist of all time, 1997’s Come On Over.

Here’s what Shania had to say:

“I just made a complete fool of myself and experienced one of life’s most embarrassing moments. I don’t need a stunt double. I didn’t hurt myself. I have a bit of a sore thumb, that’s it. I’m gonna auction off those shoes. I’m gonna get rid of them as soon as I can. I never want to see those shoes again!”

I’m glad Shania is back and will be performing again soon and I’m also grateful that she still has the same unflappable spirit that endeared her to so many fans.

Photo: Judy Eddy/