VIDEO Rebecca Black performs acoustic “Friday” on Good Morning America

Rebecca Black performs Friday acoustic on Good Morning America

In an attempt to quell some of the haterade being poured all over her smash single “Friday,” overnight sensation Rebecca Black performed an acoustic version of the song for ABC and Good Morning America. The performance includes accompaniment on acoustic guitar and piano in a living room setting with what appears to be some of Rebecca’s friends. (Who are quick to chime in during the audience participation segment of the song, “Partyin’, Partyin’ YEAH! Partyin’, partyin’ YEAH!”)

If I’m not mistaken, that is Ark Music Factory co-founder Clarence Jey playing keyboards and the other AMF co-founder (and guest rapper on “Friday”) in the tan jacket and gray cap. Also, I think the girl in pink in the audience is Ark Music Factory’s next HUGE star, Alana Lee. I would assume the handsome tan white dude in the dark green shirt is another Ark Music Factory rep, though I’m not sure of his identity. (Perhaps the video director Chris Lowe?)

Rebecca Black performs acoustic version of Friday on GMA

I think Rebecca accomplishes what she set out to do – she can obviously sing well enough to have pulled off the song without the autotunedness (although that would have greatly diminished the song’s campy marketability). She also came across as very likable and charismatic, which should help her chances of riding this wave for a loooong while!

You can now download Rebecca Black’s “Friday” from!