VIDEO Rebecca Black releases new single “Saturday”

Rebecca Black Saturday

Viral singing sensation Rebecca Black returns to the calendar for her latest single — a follow-up to “Friday” appropriately titled “Saturday:”

The song, released earlier today, is a collaboration with fellow YouTube star Dave Days. Here’s the thing: it’s not bad! Once you get past the awkward spoken overdubs you realize Rebecca sounds great and the song has a catchy (albeit teeny) beat.

It seems Rebecca, 16, has a sense of humor about the 2011 song that launched her to Internet infamy: “2 pm gettin’ out of my bed,” she sings in the opening verse. “Tryin’ to get Friday out of my head.” We all know what that’s like!

A far a the video, it has numerous references to Friday as well, including the same pink digital clock and of course the obligatory top-down convertible cruise scene! Not a reference to “Friday” is the seemingly random presence of a Miley Cyrus inspired twerker?!?

So, what do you think of Rebecca’s latest effort?

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