PHOTO Rebecca Black reveals “My Moment” cover art

cover art for the Rebecca Black single My Moment due out July 18 2011

The internet has been holding its breath for the follow-up single to internet sensation Rebecca Blacks viral phenomenon “Friday” and although the song itself hasn’t been released (it’s due out July 18), thanks to Rebecca we do get a sneak peek at what the cover art will look like! (See above)

Rebecca shared the single cover art on Twitter with the message, “new Twitter picture! it’s the cover art for my new single”

“My Moment” will be the first single off Rebecca’s debut EP (due out in August) and is about her meteoric rise to fame. There will reportedly be a video released for the song on July 18 as well which will feature both pre-“Friday” Rebecca Black (like her receiving an award in Junior High) as well as some post-“Friday” Rebecca Black, including footage of some of her numerous red carpet appearances since the song became a huge success.

Rebecca Black has said before that her dream duet would be with Justin Bieber, and thanks to “My Moment” she may be one half step closer to that goal because the writer of the song, Brandon “Blue” Hamilton, also wrote one of the songs for Never Say Never: The Remixes for the Biebs!

I, I, I so excited for Rebecca’s follow up single and I hope she’s able to somehow convert that single viral video into a lasting career, even though I think the deck is stacked against her. (For all the song’s addictive charm it didn’t reveal anything unique or distinct about Rebecca’s vocal abilities) And I wish I had a nicer way to say this, but the cover art is a bit lame. What do you think of the cover art, and are you, you, you so excited about “My Moment?”

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