VIDEO Rachel Reilly punks guys at a bar for Rally Crashers

Rachel Reilly from Big Brother slamming shots and flashing panties

Before landing a role on the 12th season of Big Brother, buxom bombshell Rachel Reilly was a busy girl! In addition to winning bikini contests from coast to coast, covering magazines, working as a VIP cocktail waitress in Las Vegas and interviewing celebrities on the red carpet, she was also an actress! Well, sort of…

Rachel shot this video for a production and marketing group called Rally Crashers in which she tries to see how many drinks unsuspecting h0rny guys at an Austin, Texas bar will buy her. Looking at Rachel I’m sure you will be able to predict the answer: A LOT.

Here’s Rachel showing off her acting skills, flashing some panties and drinking what seems like a vast amount of alcohol:

It’s still kinda hard for me to believe that first guy wouldn’t buy THAT woman a single drink! Wow.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I think there’s a good chance Rachel may be the saboteur, and this is only supports that theory. I guess we’ll find out tomorrow night! (Update: D’oh! It was Annie!)

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