VIDEOS Big Brother 12’s Matt Hoffman with his band Shooting Blanks

Matt Hoffman

One of the house guests competing for the $500,000 grand prize in season 12 of Big Brother is Matt Hoffman, a 32-year-old web designer from Elgin, Illinois.  On his CBS bio page “playing and writing music” tops Matt’s favorite activities list, and after doing a little digging I was able to track down Matt’s now-deceased band, Shooting Blanks!  The image you see below is the cover artwork for their 2006 release “You’re Not Gonna Want To Hear This” – Matt Hoffman is the calf-flashing lad on the far left.

Matt Hoffman of Big Brother 12 with his band Shooting Blanks

As I mentioned, Shooting Blanks are no longer shooting anything according to their official website.  When you hit their page the only image is of a tombstone that reads, “R.I.P. Shooting Blanks, 2001-2007.

Matt Hoffman from Big Brother 12 and his band Shooting Blanks

Via the band’s still active Myspace page Matt is credited with vocals and guitars.  The band bio is peppered with the usual self-promoting, never-heard-of-us-but-you-will propaganda.  Here’s a snippet:

What happened to rock’n’roll? Bands have stopped caring about their audience. Professionalism and “business” have overshadowed entertainment. The days of the “rock star” have come and gone, and we have been left with the tattered remains of mascara-wearing, Hot-Topic-clad image-whores…


Formed in 2001, SHOOTING BLANKS set out to prove that professionalism and insanity can truly coexist in the rock’n’roll community. The paying audience deserves more when they come to see a show, and SHOOTING BLANKS gives them what they deserve.  After a handful of line changes and gallons of alcohol, SHOOTING BLANKS remains one of the hardest working, highest-energy bands in the local scene. Their catchy stuck-in-your-head anthems are infectious, and their live performances are unparalleled.

Apparently one of the things that happened to rock-n-roll is reality TV!  OK, enough information… Are you ready to catch our tattoo hero getting his rock on?  We’ll kick things off with a Shooting Blanks biopic “It’s So Easy” that tells the story of Matt and the boys starting when they were three years old:

Here’s the band firing up the single “One Last Thing.”  (Babes tethered with duct tape included):

That axe Hoffman is wielding is other-worldly, and I can’t decide if it’s in a good or bad way.  Here’s another official music video, this time for the song “Ignore Me:”

Will Matt shred his way to the 500 G’s or will his fate in the BB house end up like Shooting Blanks?  Only time and about 60 well-placed cameras will tell!

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