Talia Joy Castellano, teen Cover Girl who’s battling two kinds of cancer, is receiving stem-cell treatment

13-year-old Talia Joy Castellano is one of those people who have become “internet famous” for all the right reasons. She’s a lovely and vivacious teen who is going through a hellacious fight with two different kinds of cancers, leukemia and brain cancer. In order to help herself remain upbeat, she’s posted makeup tutorial videos on Youtube that are as inspirational as they are informative.

Here’s the upbeat bio from her YouTube channel:

Hey There, I’m Talia. 13 years young , fighting 2 types of cancers. MDS and Nueroblastoma. Its a hard life but with the help of makeup and my amazing wonderful subscribers I live a wonderful beautiful life. MAKEUP IS MY WIG ./blockquote>

Talia says that she uses makeup to make herself feel pretty because she doesn’t want to wear wigs, and she wants to help other teens and women use makeup as a pick-me-up:

“When I put on my make-up I feel like I can embrace those features that I really like about myself. I feel if someone’s looking at me, they’re looking at my make-up, not looking at my bald head. I am just trying to make young girls, young adults, adults, anyone, feel beautiful by using make-up.”

In total Talia’s had almost 20 million views on her videos so far (and over 200,000 subscribers.) Cover Girl took notice, granting her the title of “honorary” Cover Girl last month. Talia found out during a visit to the Ellen DeGeneres show (another lovely Cover Girl.) What a great move by Cover Girl! Talia is beautiful inside and out, and she’s a courageous beauty role model.

Even with this good news, Talia is still fighting for her health, and her life. Her spokesperson told Radar Online that she’s currently in the hospital having her stem-cells re-implanted.

“Currently Talia has been hospitalized for 18 days and will be getting her stem cells re-implanted. She is focusing on her health.”

We’re rooting for Talia, and are truly thankful for the light she brings to the world.