PHOTOS Two months after 16 & Pregnant, Jordan Cashmyer is working at a strip club

Jordan Cashmyer 16 & Pregnant Episode

Two months ago, Jordan Cashmyer became one of the most memorable 16 & Pregnant stars when she shared her story of being homeless while expecting a baby girl. Leading up to her daughter’s March birth, Jordan and then-boyfriend Derek Taylor were forced to couch surf because of a dispute with her family.

As the episode closed, they decided to move from Maryland to Texas to live with Derek’s father. During the subsequent reunion show, Jordan and Derek revealed that situation didn’t work, but Jordan was planning on joining the military…

It seems that plan didn’t pan out either, because the mother of a 5-month-old is working at a Baltimore-area strip club.

Jordan Cashmyer 16 & Pregnant

The career shift was revealed by now-ex Derek during a heated Twitter exchange after they broke up this month. Jordan later denied actually stripping, but admitted she’s working at a gentlemen’s club. (I’m surprised she didn’t use Farrah’s “research” excuse.)

However, based on a more recent Instagram picture discovered by The Ashley’s Reality Roundup, it looks like that’s changed…

Jordan Cashmyer Instagram Now

Even though Jordan’s new job has earned her criticism from some who previously sympathized with her, she doesn’t seem to have any shame: She recently said on Twitter, “Jealous I can comfortably walk around in a small amount of clothing and you can’t?”

The good news is that, despite the controversy, Jordan and Derek seem to be in more stable situations than when the show aired: She’s living with her parents (after repairing their relationship) and Derek is living with his grandparents. Derek said they also get along well as co-parents.

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