VIDEO New Teen Mom OG preview with the return of Bentley and Farrah’s cry face!

Bentley Edwards Teen Mom OG Farrah Crying

On Monday, MTV released the first preview trailer for the new season of Teen Mom OG–and, earlier today the network provided another video sneak peek, revealing more of what fans can expect to see this season — including Bentley! And Farrah’s cry face!

Fans probably recall that show star Maci Bookout became Maci Freakout when producers revealed to her on camera that Farrah Abraham would be returning to the show. Maci quit on the spot, saying “If this is true, I’m done. I’m not doing this any more.” When asked if she was sure, Maci said, “Yep. I’m not going to have my six-year-old son on a show with someone who did porn on TV!”

(Farrah would add fuel to the feud fire when she called Maci a “f**ked-up piece of s**t.”)

Maci later agreed to finish filming the rest of the season, but she stuck by her guns in regards to Bentley by not allowing MTV to film him any more. The initial Teen Mom OG preview trailer didn’t really feature Bentley, so it was still uncertain if he would be seen on screen at all this season– to say nothing of his younger newborn sister, Jayde Carter! However, the new preview video features a couple of scenes with Bentley, so, fans can relax, knowing that the show’s biggest star will be back!

Oh, and there’s reality TV’s greatest worst cry face, a wedding, a beautiful beard, an infamous Teen Mom cargument, and much, much more!

Here’s the video:

The clip kicks off with Amber Portwood’s daughter Leah reminding everyone that MTV has completely demolished the fourth wall on the show. “I’m making faces at the camera,” she says while seated in the back seat of a car. Mom Amber says from the front seat, “You’re so cute!”

Here’s the rest of the dialogue, in case you were unable to view the clip for some reason. (Sometimes there are issues for those who live outside of the United States.)



AMBER: I’ve been out for three years and I’m sober. I want joint custody of my daughter.

GARY: Leah needs to be in a stable, steady home.

FARRAH (to mom Debra in a car): A lot of people perceive me as trashy low-class. Whatever!

RYAN: When can we make time, is what I’m asking.

MACI: Whenever you’re available and can show up on time.


TYLER: She’s got depression anxiety.

CATELYNN: It’s miserable.

MACI: So we all have to have conflict because Ryan’s a sh!thead?

GARY (to lawyer about Amber): Her fiance has seven kids, and she don’t even know about this.

AMBER: I’ve been with this man for over a year! I think I know him!


AMBER: Every [time] I feel like I’m one step ahead, I get knocked back five steps.

FARRAH: I don’t know, I must have been scarred from my childhood.

FARRAH (to mom Debra): It’s like I’m watching a grown up throw a tantrum!

Farrah Abraham quote Tantrum


PREACHER: Mr. and Mrs. Tyler Baltierra.

TYLER (crying): I’m so proud of you, honey.

(Check out the emotional crowd at the wedding!)

Amber Portwood, Kailyn Lowry and Maci Bookout at Tyler Baltierra and Catelynn Lowell's wedding



All new Teen Mom OG premieres Monday, January 4 on MTV.

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