REPORT Matt Baier’s son Chris moved in due to drug addiction, didn’t leave pregnant girlfriend

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News broke this week that Matt Baier’s oldest son Christopher Baier has moved in with Matt and Teen Mom OG star Amber Portwood after reportedly leaving his pregnant girlfriend behind in South Dakota. Chris’s ex girlfriend MaDonna is now speaking out, and she says Chris moved in with Matt and Amber to “get help with his drug addiction,” adding that he didn’t know about the pregnancy until after he was gone.

As we reported, MaDonna found out she was pregnant on August 15, and she tells Real Mr. Housewife that Chris left for Indiana just days before. “We had no idea I was pregnant until he was already gone for four or five days,” she says.

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“Christopher was the first person I told when I found out I was pregnant,” the soon-to-be mother of three continues. “He was excited, but at the same time he’s in Indiana with Matt and Amber trying to get help with his addiction. He’s better off where he’s at right now then trying to come back here and still struggle with addiction and possibly relapse again.”

MaDonna reveals that she and 25-year-old Chris have been quite chummy with Matt and Amber, despite reports that the father and son have not been close. “We talked to Matt and Amber almost every day at least once a day. There absolutely was a relationship between Christopher and Matt, contrary to what the press has tried to purport.”

That relationship must have developed over the last two months because what the press was purporting was based on what Chris himself said of his father at the end of June. “I wanted a father, needed a father,” Chris said of Matt. “I begged him to be my father the few times I talked to him on the phone. It was always a big fat nothing with him.”

Chris also implied that Matt’s history of drug addiction is made up and based on his own story. “He asked me to tell him all about my problems with drugs. When I saw him on MTV, he was talking about all of my drug problems that I told him about, and made believe they were his problems. The truth of the matter is, he’s an evil, evil man, and when he did evil things, he was stone cold sober.”

Matt later told Real Mr. Housewife that Chris was high at the time, and that he only said those things for the money. However, the woman who wrote the story later responded and clarified that Chris wasn’t paid a dime for the article.

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Meanwhile, it appears that Chris’s four weeks in Indiana are going quite well! “He has a job now and he is doing good where he’s at,” MaDonna says. “When we have our kid, we will figure out what to do. I don’t want him to come back here and relapse.”

MaDonna’s sentiments in her statements to Real Mr. Housewife seem to be starkly contrasted by her Facebook timeline, which is almost completely comprised of bitter and angry text graphics about being betrayed by a man. Here are just a few samples from just the past week or so:

Chris Baier girlfriend MaDonna Facebook

Matt Baier's son Chris Baier's girlfriend MaDonna Facebook

Something tells me there will be more to this story soon, so stay tuned.

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