VIDEO MUG SHOT Man records mother-in-law shooting him

Mother-in-law who shot her son-in-law on iPhone

Salvatore Miglino had a premonition things might get tense when he went to pick his 3-year-old son up from his mother-in-law. He decided to record the pre-scheduled pick up with his iPhone and what followed will unquestionably go down in the worst mother-in-law hall of fame record book.

66-year-old Cheryl Hepner was there waiting at her home in a retirement community as planned but what was not known to Miglino was that she had herself a .22 Beretta hiding in the child’s sleepover gear. Yikes!

Here is the video that Salvatore recorded. As you can imagine, there is some extreme language and violence in this one:

Two of the shots found their intended target as Miglino was hit in the rib cage and shoulder. He still managed to pounce on Hepner and wrestle the gun away from her. He then sped away and called 911. As he was driving with a bullet riddled body, Hepner made her own call to 911 with a different story to tell.

Miglino told the authorities that Hepner was the one with the gun while Hepner claimed the opposite. His recording above has proven to be valuable evidence in collaborating his side of the story.

Miglino and Hepner’s daughter have been going through a vicious and vindictive 2-year divorce. A previous restraining order was filed against Miglino by his estranged wife and Hepner. In a wild turn of events Hepner filed another restraining order against Miglino the day after she allegedly shot him.

Broward County Sheriff Al Lamberti believes that Hepner had intent to kill:

“There’s no doubt in my mind I mean if she fired three rounds, she clearly would have fired more. It’s a .22 — luckily he survived those shots, but you have to ask yourself, if it was a higher powered weapon, the outcome might not have been so favorable.”

Hepner has been arrested for attempted murder and denied bail. Her attorney claims she’s innocent and in fact a victim herself of domestic violence.

Investigators now believe Hepner intended on luring Miglino into her home, allegedly to murder him with fewer witnesses.

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