VIDEOS 2 sneak peeks from tonight’s Teen Mom 2 episode

Kailyn Irwin Lowry Leah Messer

It’s almost time for the 2nd episode for season 2 of Teen Mom 2 and I’ve got 2 sneak peek videos for you to enjoy too. That’s a bunch of deuces!

First up we have a clip of Leah Messer as she visits Dr. Tarakji for an eye check up to see how and if Ali is progressing with her glasses. Leah’s friend Kayla chips in and looks after Aleeah during the visit. Leah is obviously nervous as any parent would be and hopeful that Ali’s eyes have improved and that she will not require surgery.

The doctor is really encouraged by Ali’s progress in regards to her vision. He tells Leah that the optic nerves are a bit on the small side and that her daughter was born that way. Then he informs Leah that he wants to do a an MRI of Ali’s brain because the optic nerves could be a sign that there are abnormalities. Both the doctor and Ali agree that they want to know where Ali stands and the doctor confirms that this is why he wants to do the MRI.

Three things really jumped out to me about this scene. The first was the moment when Aleeah is seen crying when the doctor shuts out the light to get a look into Ali’s eye. I got a real sense of the special connection that twins and siblings have. Heck, Aleeah may have just been scared of the dark but then again…

The second thing is how difficult and exhausting this must be for Leah. She goes to the doctor worried about her baby girl’s eyes and leaves having to worry about possible brain abnormalities. That’s a really tough pill to swallow and in my opinion Leah has shown tremendous strength in doing what she can for her child.

The third thing is how incredibly cute Ali was as the doctor held up that little mouse to see how her eyes would react. Tarakji comes across as a business first doctor (and that’s the way I like my doctors) but there’s a real tender moment that happens. It’s one of those very special things that the show catches on camera.

Our second clip comes from Us as we see Kailyn facing yet another upsetting moment at the hands of her mom. Kailyn’s friend Meagan swings by and Kailyn reveals a letter she found in her room written to her from her mom’s boyfriend. It’s a note asking her to clean up her and Isaac’s rooms and concludes with, “We don’t live like this. The room stinks. Me and your mom don’t live like trash.”

Kailyn vented to Meagan after leaving the house:

“My mom had to have known. If it was just my mom doing this in her own apartment, it would never be an issue. I’m so f–king furious with her. Don’t invite me to stay in your house if you’re going to nitpick every single thing I do. I work two jobs, go to school full-time and have a kid. When I come home and straighten up my room, whatever straightening up I do to it should be good enough.”

Kailyn reveals to Us that she hasn’t spoken to her mother since that moment feeling that her mom chose her boyfriend over her.

Time for more Teen Mom 2 tonight!