UPDATE Tommy Jordan and Hannah Marie: The laptop shooting dad and daughter on viral aftermath

It’s been a wild ride since Tommy Jordans’ attention-grabbing parenting video hit the internet last month. Lots of parents rejoiced at the footage of Tommy shooting his daughter Hannah’s laptop after she posted horrible things about her family on Facebook, but critics like Dr. Phil said his response was extreme because he publicly humiliated his daughter. Jordan’s response to Dr. Phil? “You do realize that . . . a large majority of the premise of your show is you bringing troubled kids on, troubled parents, troubled teens, all these groups, and publicly humiliating them in front of the entire world, right?”

Jordan, who’s in IT and has to use Facebook a lot for his job, now finds that he now has to watch every little thing he posts on the social networking site after the video of shooting his daughter’s laptop got over 30 million views on Facebook and an ocean of media coverage. He said on The Today Show:

“It has changed a lot. We’ve had a lot of scrutiny and a lot of people keeping an eye on every little comment we make and everything we do on Facebook.”

In the light of everything that’s happened, including a CPS investigation, Tommy seemed ambivalent about his decision to “get down” to his daughter’s level after she posted a scathing review of his, his wife, and his ex-wife’s parenting on Facebook. He said that he “stands behind what [he] did,” but when asked if, knowing what he knows now, he would do it again, Tommy replied:

“It would be a tough decision to know what I know now. It’s brought a lot of stress on my family. I’m sure I’d have to weigh, ‘Is the international story that seems to be talked about more important than my family’s peace of mind?’ So that would be tough.”

“A lot of people took eight minutes and 23 seconds of my life to judge me, and they took about 30 seconds of those where I read Hannah’s note to judge her.”

His daughter Hannah Marie, who’s embattled laptop is now an international star, also spoke to The Today Show.Tommy saved Hannah’s data on her harddrive, and gave it back to her on The Today Show, telling her she could get all the data back when she buys a new laptop. She’s still on Facebook restriction, and is still grounded, but has come to terms with what happened, and is no longer upset with her father.

“We got home, (and) we talked about it. We went our separate ways after a while, but we came back together. We were laughing about it soon afterwards. I think he overreacted a little bit, but I understand.’”

The biggest lesson the whole family, and the whole nation, and even globe, learned: don’t post anything on Facebook unless you want the entire world to see it. His wife Amy noted “A lot of what we were trying to make with her in the beginning is, ‘Don’t post anything on the web you don’t want the entire world to see. That was one of the reasons why we were upset with her in the first place. I think all this has driven the point home.’”

Point driven.