AUDIO Miley Cyrus and Ke$ha covers do Bob Dylan justice

Stand back everybody who knows that the sun’s not yellow it’s chicken and that man thinks because he rules the earth he can do with it as he pleases. This self-described Bob Dylan fanatic has dove head first into repeated listenings of Miley Cyrus’ and Ke$ha’s covers for the Chimes of Freedom Amnesty International 50th Anniversary Bob Dylan covers release and the verdict is in…

They are very good! (Ballad of a thin) Man, when I first caught (blowing in the) wind that Ke$ha was covering The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan classic “Don’t Think Twice It’s All Right” I thought I was gonna have a (tight connection to my) heart attack. I wasn’t as worried about Miley’s cover because she was only doing “You’re Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go” off of Blood on the Tracks. Wait a minute!?! What in the world (gone wrong) was happening here? How could these young (seen a shooting) starlets dare go there?

As I’ve come to find out they went there because they could.

First up let’s take a listen to Ke$ha’s whispering and affecting cover:

What a great minimalist approach. Hardly any instrument accompaniment as her voice drives this often raucous song to the land of the (tangled up in) blues. Tears (of rage) actually can be heard towards the conclusion and while some critics have suggested that this touch is heavy handed, I’m convinced and was not put off by it at all (I really wanna do).

It’s not beyond (here lies nothing) reason that you might find yourself in Hot Topic now as a young girl strolls by humming “Dark Eyes” or “Day of the Locusts.” What I’m saying is that Ke$ha has spread the word and made the planet (waves) a better place.

Ke$ha has revealed that the vocals were a first take recorded on her laptop and that the emotions were honest reactions to the song. The words of Bob Dylan making an impressionable young lady weep, nothing out of place there.

Now it’s Hannah Montana’s turn to show that while the popular music of today isn’t necessarily what a typical Dylan fan would go out of their way to hear there ain’t a thing wrong with their versions of Bob’s songs. Miley takes a more conventional approach but the sound is still understated and in service to the song being sung. I really like the harmony touches and the country feel of this cover. Take a listen:

Very well done Miley! Blood on the Tracks is a sacred cow for us Dylanites so I was once again pleasantly surprised by what I heard.

While Miley and Bob’s music may be a dichotomy I think there’s a lot (to laugh a train to cry) they could relate to in the world of pop culture obsessiveness. Knowing what Cyrus has (mama you’ve) been (on my mind) through publicly at such a (I was) young (when I left home) age I was more prone to believe the emotions behind lines like, “I’ll look for you in old Honolulu, San Francisco, Ashtabula. Yer gonna have to leave me now, I know.” This young woman is well traveled with her boots (of spanish leather) having trampled many of the same stage exits that Mr. Dylan has throughout his storied career.

In the end what it all comes (bringin’ it all) back (home) to for me is the songs. We are talking (bear mountain picnic massacre blues) about the greatest songwriter in history and when his work is given its just due it should be commended. Props to Ke$ha and Miley for their great covers.

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