VIDEO LHHH Moniece Slaughter sex tape promises to spice up Season 3

Moniece Slaughter sex tape 2

The existence of a Moniece Slaughter sex tape has been rumored for years, but Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Season 3 might bring such a tape into the full glare of the show’s spotlight. According to a new LHHH preview clip, Princess has a definite plan to get the tape out into the open, as the latest salvo in her ongoing war with Moniece–and she’s enlisted an outside ally to help her do so.

Princess goes to none other than Jason Lee to ask for the Moniece Slaughter sex tape, which Jason claims he can obtain thanks to an unnamed acquaintance who says he has access to it. Unfortunately for Princess, Jason finds out that she wants the tape to exact her greatest revenge on Princess, for the lies Princess spread about Brandi. Devoteés will recall (and Jason certainly does) that Brandi threw a drink in his face in the great chihuahua spat of ’15. So Jason’s price might be a little too steep for Princess to bear…

…though we also do know, thanks to the just-released Love & Hip Hop Hollywood midseason trailer for Season 3, that Moniece’s sex tape will make at least one more appearance this year–and a high-profile one at that. “You’re saying you found a skeleton in [Moniece’s] closet?” asks an incredulous Ray J, to which Jason responds: “I found a cemetery.”

LHHH Season 3 continues Monday nights on VH1. The Moniece Slaughter sex tape episode–which, it’s worth noting, is entitled “Retribution”–airs October 10th.

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