VIDEO Kim Zolciak may return to Real Housewives of Atlanta, says Kandi hiring Phaedra was “dumb move”

Kroy Biermann and Kim Zolciak Us Weekly interview

After it was announced her spin-off series Don’t Be Tardy… had been picked up for a second season, Kim Zolciak said farewell to The Real Housewives of Atlanta, leaving her former bestie turned nemesis NeNe Leakes as the only remaining original cast member. Though Kim made a brief appearance on the Season 5 Reunion, it was assumed she was gone from the show for good. Ah, but hold on to your wig because we may not have seen the last of KZ on the RH of the ATL!

Kim Zolciak and hunky hubby Koy Biermann sat down with Us Weekly and talked about everything from Kim’s possible return to RHOA to her recent legal battle with Kandi!

“NeNe… She’s, uh, she’s funny,” Kim says in the clip. “No, we’re not best friends. I mean, you can’t just have all the damage that’s been done between her and I throughout the years and just kinda pick up where you left off. However, we do communicate, and we just decided to kind of move past it, just let the past be just that, because prior to Real Housewives of Atlanta we were friends. And, you know, we’ll be friends long after Housewives of Atlanta.”

Kim Zolciak and NeNe Leakes together BFFs

So how did these do good friends end up enemies? “I think what happened is we kind of let a lot of people kind of get in our heads,” Kim confesses. “You know when you’re filming, and she said this, and he did that, and you don’t communicate — NeNe and I are not good communicators — I just think that, you know, you just kind of believe what people tell you and you ran with it.” So what about her text message apology to NeNe just after taping the Reunion, and their apparent burying of the hatchets? “I think the Reunion was almost a turning point because I started this whole journey with her five years ago.”

Kroy chimed in on why he thought Kim chose to participate in the Reunion. “I think she did it to kind of let America know, you know, why she left, and her … side of the story,” he says. “Anybody can say whatever you want when you’re not there to defend yourself, and not there to argue, you know? So people just kind of run their mouth and do what they want, so that was good. I was there with her and there to support her.”

Kandi Burruss Kim Zolciak Don't Be Tardy For The Pardy lawsuit

Kim then goes on to talk about her legal issues with former cast mate Kandi Burruss, who is suing Kim over her song “Don’t Be Tardy For The Party” claiming that she didn’t receive proper compensation for her work on the hit single — a claim that Kim says “is so ridiculous” in the clip.

“The difference between Kandi and NeNe is this … I have a lot of history with NeNe, and NeNe and I have called each other names, and we’ve gone through a lot of things, but for you to go to the legal system — like, I leave the show and all of a sudden you want to file a law suit? And you want to file it the day before the Reunion? … And you want to have Phaedra as your lawyer? Dumb move.”

Whoah! Having Phaedra as you attorney is a “dumb move?!?” Everybody knows she’s not going to take that well!

So what about the possibility of ever joining The Real Housewives of Atlanta again?

“I can’t say that I won’t return to Housewives of Atlanta, but I must say that I do like filming a spin-off a lot more because I’m with my family. But Housewives brings its own little spice, you know? I miss my margarita moments with NeNe. Those are fun.” So do we! I’m a Real Housewives drama addict, but I ALWAYS enjoyed Kim and NeNe more when they were besties, laughing it up at everyone else’s expense.

Of course, Kim’s statement may have just been her hedging her bets and keeping her options open in case the ratings for Don’t Be Tardy… begin to sink, which I can’t imagine happening with all the drama I’ve seen in the previews for the second season!