VIDEO Duck Dynasty’s Uncle Si talks gun control, sweet tea recipe at Texas Crawfish Festival

Duck Dynasty Uncle Si with cup of tea, gun, and dog

Duck Dynasty‘s charismatic Silas “Uncle Si” Robertson has become one of reality television’s greatest gurus with a seemingly endless supply of meme-worthy witticisms and elaborate tales, the latter of which Si proudly boasts are 95% truthful. On Saturday Uncle Si was in attendance at the Texas Crawfish and Music Festival where he shared some of his infamous stories and answered questions for fans lucky enough to be in attendance, including his take on gun control!

The clip starts off with a DNA test story with a little of Si’s Christian flavoring, and then, right around the 1:45 mark, he begins to talk about the gun issue.

“Hey, look here, the President was just on the news about gun control, but hey, luckily our congressmen and senators, they voted it down. But look, America hasn’t got a gun control problem, we have got a sin control problem. Nothing has changed with the human race, OK? We’re a bunch of flawed people, OK? And Duck Dynasty, look here, Duck Dynasty is full of flawed people that have turned to Jesus, OK? That’s the difference.”

After that, Si read off off this question: “What is your tea recipe? Do you make it yourself everyday?”

Si responded by asking, “Hey, y’all know Bush Beans? That dog’s always trying to give the secret away? You can’t give the tea secret away. Naw, look here, It’s Lipton, alright, and my wife of 43 years — they make it for me every mornin’.”

I thought we might actually get the scoop on the tea, but instead we got Duck Deniedasty!

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