VIDEO Firefighters in drag put out car fire

When things got a little overheated during a St. Patrick’s Day parade in Padua, Minnesota firefighters on hand did what they do and braved the danger to put out a car fire. What makes this particular blaze noteworthy is that two of the firemen just so happened to be wearing dresses!

There are so many elements that go into a great viral video. For this gem you’ve got a small town Minnesota parade, a spectator genius by the name of Paul Streitz who had the sense to record this on his phone and some burly North country looking fire dudes from the Sedan Fire Dept. in some bright bad-choice prom dresses.

Enough chatter check it out!

Just because, here’s a local news report featuring some footage as well:

Without question my favorite part was when one of our two town heroes adjusted his spaghetti strap while wielding the hose. Serious props to the brave and beautiful men of Sedan who didn’t let a little wardrobe situation keep them from doing their job.