The Situation was in rehab before, just prior to being on Jersey Shore

Yesterday Jersey Shore‘s The Situation admitted that he was in rehab receiving help for a problem with prescription pills. Some reports have also cited his drinking as a problem, something that wouldn’t be too much of a surprise since we’ve all seen the footage.

Even so, his drinking seemed to be on par with the rest of the crew. But, there were other things going on that made The Situation’s behavior erratic even when everyone else was sober (or made his behavior seem more extreme even when everyone else was wasted – remember when he slammed his own head in the wall in Italy?)

The Situation’s dad told Radar Online that this isn’t his son Mike’s first time at the rehab rodeo. He went once before at the age of 27, after years of substance abuse. Mike is currently 29, so this happened like RIGHT before he started filming Jersey Shore for the first time. He was broke at the time, so his brother Marc “The Man” paid the bill for the Florida rehab program.

Here’s what Frank “The Confrontation” (yes, the whole family has these names,) had to say:

“When Mikey was in rehab we found the facility for him in Florida and we brought him down here and did a 7 day dry out period then he went to another facility for 30 days.”

The Confrontation says he was frustrated with his adult son for not outgrowing the antics he was up to 10 years ago:

“For me, after years of dealing with his addiction, years of dealing with all the bullsh*t, this wasn’t a 16-year-old kid. The guy was a 27-year-old man. I was just hoping he would be able to stand up.”

I’m guessing becoming a reality superstar, making mad cash for drinking, and behaving recklessly wasn’t a good incentive for The Situation to stay clean and use the tools he learned in rehab. Hopefully now he’ll be able to fully confront his issues, and use this experience to be more positive going forward. We’re rootin’ for ya Sitch!

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