VIDEO Dad puts child in washing machine at a Laundromat

Laundromat security camera catches dad putting his child inside a washing machine

Let me start out by staying the child in this video reportedly suffered only minor injuries (miraculously) and is fine.

That being said, check out this early contender for 2012 Parental Fail of the Year as a laundromat security camera catches a dad placing his young child inside of an upright washing machine and closing the door as an apparent joke. Mom seems amused as she stands off to the side. But, panic sets in as the washing machine starts up and they are unable to open the door!

Water begins to pour in and the machine begins to spin with the child inside as both parents frantically attempt to open it up. The dad eventually runs off to get an attendant, who arrives (after what seems like hours) and shuts the machine off. The dad is hopping around maniacally as the attendant struggles to get the door open. He eventually succeeds and rescues the child, passing him/her to dad.

UPDATE: Police are currently looking for the parents of this child for questioning, not for arrest, but to make sure that the child is, in fact, fine.

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