Anti-vaccine megachurch linked to Texas measles outbreak


A threatening measles outbreak in Texas has been directly linked to a mega-church whose lead pastor previously advised followers to stay away from vaccinations.

Terri Pearsons, the leader of Eagle Mountain International Church out of Newark, Texas, has frequently warned her congregation to stay away from vaccinations believing that they can lead to autism. Her flock was recently put in harm’s way when they were exposed to measles by a visitor from out of country who had come into contact with the virus. This visitor interacted with the congregation, including having handled children in the church’s day-care center.

According to USA Today, nine children and six adults have been infected with the disease. Of these 15, 12 were not fully vaccinated and all of the school-aged children infected were home-schooled and thus not required to get the immunization shots needed to enter public schools.

William Schaffner, an infectious disease expert, said:

“This is a classic example of how measles is being reintroduced. This is a sadly misinformed religious leader.”

Following the outbreak, Pastor Pearsons had a change of heart and called on her congregants to get vaccinated. “Our children and even adults of all ages need to be immunized now to stop the spread of measles and prevent those potential complications. The disease is only shut down when all are immunized,” she said.

Via the church’s official website, they have stated the following:

• We were informed by the Tarrant County Public Health Department late afternoon Wednesday, August 14th, that KCM/EMIC has a confirmed case of the measles.
•  We have several confirmed cases of the measles with other cases pending.
•  We had a free vaccination clinic on property Sunday, August 18, conducted by the TCPH.
•  Free vaccination clinics will be on campus Sunday, August 25 from 8:00am-1:00pm, in Study Rooms 1 & 2.
•  Dr. Karen Smith has made herself available to the families of EMIC for measles related questions/concerns only.

Kenneth Copeland Ministries’ position regarding dealing with any medical condition involving yourself or someone in your family is to first seek the wisdom of God, His Word, and appropriate medical attention from a professional that you know and trust. Apply wisdom and discernment in carrying out their recommendations for treatment. This would include:  vaccinations, immunizations, surgeries, prescriptions, or any other medical procedures.

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