What caused Mariah Carey’s husband Nick Cannon’s “mild kidney failure”?

Yesterday (January 4, 2012) Mariah Carey tweeted a pic of her husband Nick Cannon in a hospital bed, asking for prayers as he recovers from “mild kidney failure.”

The couple were in Aspen at the time of the hospitalization, but Cannon tweeted that he was being moved to L.A. yesterday evening.

Is there such a thing as “mild” kidney failure? What causes it? Is Cannon going to completely recover?

According to doctors cited by People and TheHuffPost, there isn’t a thing called “mild” kidney failure, but there is something called “acute kidney failure” which can result from dehydration (that can be caused by weather and altitude changes,) taking medication like Motrin or Advil, or coming down with flu or illness that diminishes your fluids.

A hospital stay usually involves replenishing fluids, restoring calcium, and/or giving medication to prevent potassium from building up in the blood.

Right now no on in the media is sure if Nick’s kidney failure is related to dehydration, or a more chronic condition, but so far it looks like his situation is treatable, and the America’s Got Talent host should be back to normal soon. Carey told People that while he’s currently in a “in a lot of pain, 2e are hopeful that he’ll be 100 percent as soon as possible. We really appreciate everybody’s love and support.”

Get better soon Nick!

UPDATE: Nick was seen looking healthy and happy at the BET Honors in DC Saturday, January 14, 2012!

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