VIDEO Why did Blake Lively name her daughter James?

Blake Lively visits Good Morning America

Why did Blake Lively name her daughter James? Lively revealed the reasons for and origin of the name during a visit to Good Morning America. Then, she played one of the goofiest versions of “Say Anything” you’re likely to ever see while chatting it up with Jimmy Fallon.

Blake Lively has been doing the talk show rounds lately, promoting her newest film The Age of Adaline. While chatting on Good Morning America yesterday, Lively explained she and husband Ryan Reynolds’ curious, beautiful choice of “James” for their daughter’s name:


Stephanopoulos has the perfect in-question segue, too, as he references the fact that his own daughter has a traditionally male name. That’s how you get the scoop.

In related news, Lively then stopped by The Tonight Show with  Jimmy Fallon, where she played possibly the most one-sided game of “Say Anything” ever put to tape. Lively blanked Fallon in charming fashion, turning him into Leonard Nimoy, William Shatner, and the gimp from Pulp Fiction in ruthless order. Check it, but be prepared to snicker:




(Photo credits: Why did Blake Lively name her daughter James via WENN)

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