VIDEO Big Bang Theory’s Jim Parsons suckling from a wolf in 2003 Quiznos commercial

Jim Parsons Quiznos Commercial 2003

Before he made it big on The Big Bang Theory, Jim Parsons was so desperate for sustenance that he suckled from a wolf… At least for a 2003 Quiznos commercial.

Interestingly, there were two versions of the commercials: A “safe harbor” version for daytime TV that just showed Jim cuddling with wolves and the adult version shown above.

“Quite literally, I was young and I needed the money,” Jim said on Friday’s airing of The Tonight Show. “And it was a very special experience… They were Siberian Huskies, too. They weren’t wolves.”

Jim Parsons Suckling Quiznos Commercial

Previously, Jim told CBS Sunday Morning that the embarrassing commercial gave him a bit of pocket change and a unique conversation topic.

“It broke me into the rent stratosphere. It did get some attention. It certainly gave me a conversation piece,” he said in 2012. “Half the battle, and I’m not kidding, in certain casting sessions and everything, are — well, you have something interesting to say. And then if you’ve suckled at the teat of a Siberian Husky, you have something interesting to say. Maybe not good, but it’s interesting.”

In his pre-Big Bang Theory days, Jim also appeared in self-degrading FedEx and Arby’s commercials… Although he wasn’t the one humiliated in the latter ad.

(Does that Arby’s commercial remind anyone else of the restaurant scene from When Harry Met Sally?)

Of course, Jim had the last laugh. He’s now an Emmy Award-winning actor who stars on one of the top-rated shows in the country. I’m sure many other aspiring actors would gladly suckle from wolves to achieve those same dreams!

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